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Best Beans For Cold Brew Coffee

Posted on February 21, 2016

Not everyone has the same taste in coffee. Heck, not everyone has the same taste in pretty much anything. So one of the best pieces of advice when deciding what beans to try for your cold brew is to consider starting out with your usual favorite for regular coffee and go from there.

Having said that, many people prefer a lighter, sweeter, iced coffee to result from their cold brew efforts, so selecting a lighter roast might make sense for some if you're looking for more subtle flavors.

Single Origin Or Blend For Cold Brew

Most coffee experts suggest using single origin for most first time cold brewers. The main reason is that the taste profile will be different, for the reasons we discussed in our cold brew chemistry article, and starting out that way will help you understand what's going to work for your preferences.

It's worth noting though, that there's no need to break the bank with coffee beans for your cold brew. Many of the issues with cheaper beans are masked when you cold brew because elements that would have been responsible for bitter or unpleasant tastes in a hot brewed coffee are left behind.

If you have no idea at all where to start with fresh beans, or what your favorite flavor profiles are, then head back to our coffee guides homepage and jump to our guide to the different coffee producing regions, roasts and their respective flavors.

How Coarse Should You Grind For Cold Brew Coffee?

Interestingly you can pull off a good cup of cold brew coffee with almost any grind, as long as you can filter it easily after leaving it immersed. However, a coarser grind is usually beneficial for three reasons.

  1. It's easier to filter - you don't really want any spent grinds in your cold brew
  2. The brew time is longer so it's easier to time your cold brew to perfection and your preferred taste. A finer grind will brew much more quickly leaving you a smaller window.
  3. Some grinders generate heat which can lead to some of the heat decay of oils and acids we're trying to avoid with cold brewing.

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