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Making Great Tasting Cold Brew Coffee At Home

Posted on February 20, 2016

Almost all coffee lovers, particularly those of us who enjoy warm summers, or at least a quick holiday in the sun, have experienced a luxurious, sweet and delicious iced coffee. Cold brew coffee takes the cold coffee experience to a whole new level as we're no longer just pouring some coffee over ice, sweetening and adding cream.

All of those steps from altering the chemistry of the coffee through brewing it warm, which can extract more acid and bitter chemicals, as well as causing the resulting coffee to 'go off' if it is stored in the fridge for days, to changing the temperature rapidly through pouring it over ice, can result in a less smooth and refreshing cup of coffee. Cold brewing your coffee avoids many of these issues.

You can read more about the science behind cold brewing, and why many drinkers find that not only is cold-brewed coffee smoother and more delicious, but also easier on the stomach. For those of you who just want to get stuck into some delicious cold brew, let's press on to some instructions.

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