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Will Write For Coffee: Free Coffee For Poets To Celebrate World Poetry Day

Posted in Heartwarming on March 18, 2016
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Many coffee shops are once again throwing their weight behind world poetry day and will be allowing customers to 'pay with a poem' instead of cash as part of the celebration. According to the South London Press, there were over 100,000 poems from over 27 countries written as part of the celebration of writing. In London, this year, ten outlets will be taking part.

This year's event is set to be even bigger than last year with free coffee and the creative juices are set to flow in over 34 countries, according to the Guardian. If you're interested in finding out what's going on in your country, the Austrian coffee business Julius Meinl, has a live map with all the participating venues online. The event is set to take place on Monday 21st March across the world.

Marcel Löffler, CEO of Julius Meinl Industrie holding, says:

For us, the essence, the soul of Viennese coffee house culture is pure poetry. What distinguishes it is that special lifestyle that takes people to new thoughts. It connects people to one other and inspires them as it once did the Viennese coffee house literati of yesteryear. As ambassadors for Viennese coffee house culture, we find that this is not unique to Vienna but also exists in fast-paced cultures. It does not matter whether they are in China, Taiwan, Dubai, London or Chicago, people want places where they can relax and which then become a source of inspiration. As a company, we want to make an active contribution to inspiring people on all continents and in doing so bring more poetry into the world. That is because poetry is a language understood all over the world.

Repin and share with all your creative friends, and let's get writing for a delicious free coffee! Who knows, you might even discover a love for poetry you lost as a child (not blaming boring school lessons... but...).

[Image Source: Julius Meinl Facebook]

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