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Scandinavian Coffee Pod Is Cute, Small Yet Roasts Coffee Freshly On Site

Posted in Heartwarming on February 5, 2016
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With container park sites springing up all over the US, there is clearly a trend to serving artisan drinks in small spaces. As reported by the Gloucestershire Echo, however one outlet is taking things to a new extreme. Instead of relying on industrially roasted beans from a huge factory, they are roasting coffee right on-site in possibly one of the smallest and cutest coffee shops in the world.

The coffee shop is hosted inside a 'Nordic Pod' sold by the Scandinavian Coffee Pod company, which also offers the pods for other retail uses. At just 5.2 square meters, they are certainly one of the smallest options for a coffee shop, but with the ability to move the units within minutes, they are ideal for a mobile retail presence.

Other uses suggested by the business are as home offices, where the airy feeling given by the glass surround is likely to be much better than the alternative of working in a shed, which many home workers take advantage of currently.

Explaining the reason why they became the first outlet in Cheltenham to roast their own coffee, the owner, James Ecendance, explained that quality and the ability to sell to other outlets were the primary considerations.

We wanted to do the roasting ourselves so we can ensure the very best quality and to grow the business.

Here we can only serve the people who walk past on the street but now we can supply coffee to any coffee bar in the UK.

That can only be good news for coffee lovers as this is proof that even the tiniest of outlets doesn't need to sacrifice quality and can supply freshly roasted beans to their customers, one can only hope it becomes standard practice across an increasing number of independent stores.

[Image Source: Scandinavian Coffee Pods]

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