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Coffee Beer: Delicious New Trend In Cold Coffee

Posted in Products on March 11, 2016
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If you're tired of ripping down a can of an energy drink on a night out to fight off the urge to call it a night, when you'd rather be enjoying an ice cold beer, then coffee beer could be right up your street.

Tin Man Brewing has produced a milk and coffee porter called Cafe Leche which combines their delicious Indiana beer with cold brewed coffee.

TJ’s Guatemalan coffee lends a robust and slightly floral coffee aroma, supported with a generous portion of dark caramel malts. The flavor is a perfect blend of coffee and beer

According to Nuvo the brewer avoids any hot brewed coffee as the sharper, more acidic taste of traditionally brewed hot coffee didn't blend well with the smoother flavor profile they were aiming to achieve with the beer. As cold brew coffee doesn't extract many of the more bitter and acidic chemicals, which simply don't dissolve at low temperatures, a milder, more balanced flavor can be imparted into the beer.

Nuvo also notes that some brew masters experimented with blending a finished porter with thick cold brew coffee to create the perfect coffee beer, so those of you looking to experiment at home could have some success with that approach. The Coffee Inquisitor team will be trying that this week with a stout, although it definitely won't be replacing our morning coffee as there's too much work to do to enjoy a beer at that time of day!

Can you see yourself enjoying this beer based coffee treat?

[Image Source: Tin Man Brewing]

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