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6 Cups Of Coffee Could Slash MS Risk

Posted in Health on March 6, 2016
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As if we ever needed an excuse to drink more coffee, it has now been reported by Fox Health, that drinking six cups of coffee per day could help prevent MS (multiple sclerosis).

This report is on the back of recent reports that coffee can help us live longer, and as reported by The Inquisitr that drinking four cups per day can reduce liver damage from alcohol consumption by as much as 65%.

With recent studies also suggesting that just a couple of cups a day also improves our overall life expectancy with benefits in a huge range of areas, it's perhaps unsurprising that the world is undergoing a coffee boom and resultant shortage of supply.

According to Fox:

The U.S. study showed similar results, with a 26 to 31 percent lower risk for MS among people who drank more than six cups a day at least five years beforehand, and at the start of symptoms, compared with those who never drank coffee.

The more coffee a person consumed, the lower their risk for MS, the researchers reported.

So with coffee now reported to help with heart health, longevity, liver damage and MS, and with many of these studies showing continuous increases in health benefits the more coffee the patients had consumed, and for how long they had been consuming that level, it seems like 2016 will be a year coffee makes a break out as a powerful health drink, as well as a delicious stimulant to get us through boring business meetings.

We'd say more, but it's definitely time for another cup (or 7...) here at the Coffee Inquisitor. How many cups do you drink per day?

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